Wisdom Tooth Removal in Matunga


Wisdom tooth removal is a general dental procedure. According to the statistics, about five million Americans go for wisdom tooth removal in a year. Not all go for removing the wisdom tooth, but those with the impacted wisdom tooth have its concept as an intimidating surgery.

We will quickly treat wisdom tooth removal in Matunga, and you do not have to worry during the procedure. We have dental experts at Suyog Dental who will complete the process perfectly. They have the certifications, licences, qualifications and experience for wisdom tooth removal.

Wisdom tooth removal at Suyog Dental

Wisdom teeth erupt at the back of the mouth, and these are the third set of molars. Generally, adults comprise four wisdom teeth, which erupt between 17 and 24. These are the last permanent teeth when it comes to eruption.

The concept of wisdom teeth dates back to cave dwellers' ancestry who lived on hard foods. But as of today, humans do not need the wisdom teeth.

Why wisdom tooth removal?

Know the fact that the wisdom tooth is only sometimes problematic. For some, such teeth erupt without any kind of complications. For some, these teeth come out straight without giving a push to the other teeth.

But the problem arises when the wisdom teeth do not have the enough space to erupt. You need wisdom tooth removal in Matunga because of the following reasons:

  • If you carry tooth impaction, our dental surgeon might suggest its removal. The tooth does not break through the gum in such a dental condition. The eruption is partial.
  • If the wisdom teeth erupt at the wrong or the inclined angle, these will press against the adjacent teeth.
  • Your jaw will not have the additional space for the extra molar set.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause multiple dental problems, and some of these are mentioned below:

  • The pain of the wisdom teeth
  • Trapping of the food can lead to the tooth decay
  • Damage of the adjacent teeth or the engulfing jawbone
  • The growth of the bacteria at the gum line from the wisdom tooth with partial impaction.
  • Cyst development near the wisdom tooth
  • Hassle at the time of brushing and flossing
  • Complications because of such a dental condition will interfere with orthodontic procedures and appliances.

Signs of the impacted wisdom tooth

  • Inflamed or the red gums
  • Bleeding or the tender gums
  • The pain in the jaw
  • Inflammation around the jaw
  • Obstacle during the mouth opening

Treatment at Suyog Dental

Our oral surgeon will perform the wisdom tooth extraction based on the complexity. It is an outpatient procedure that will take less than one hour.

Our dental surgeon at Matunga will remove any bone that blocks access to the root. After that, the dental expert will extract the wisdom tooth. Stitches are required but only sometimes.

Treatments :