Painless Kids Dental Treatment in Matunga

painless kids dental treatment in matunga

Your child may need a dental specialist for the unique needs related to oral health maintenance. We have a special team of pediatric dentists working for us in Matunga. At the Suyog dental clinic, we will offer you the best treatments for your child through our pediatric dental specialists.

For an appointment related to the painless kid's dental treatment in Matunga, you can call us or email us at our dental clinic in Mumbai. We will offer the best treatment to safeguard your child's oral condition.

Pediatric dentistry at Suyog Dental

Our specialists in pediatric dentistry will address the dental requirements of children of different age groups. We primarily focus on the oral health of growing children at our dental clinic in Matunga.

Appointment in Mumbai

Our friendly pediatric dentists will approach multiple health parameters related to the child's development stage during the appointments. These dentists are also experts in the unique dental requirements of a child.

Preventive care in Matunga

During the appointments, our dental hygienists will do the teeth cleaning. The specialists will also do the dental exams with a caring touch. Preventive care will also include the treatment with fluoride.

Your child can have the following dental problems:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Other types of dental problems

For the above conditions, we will treat them immediately, and by doing this, we will prevent dental problems from taking place shortly. We will offer anxiety-free dental care for the child. The child is comfortable without falling asleep with conscious sedation at our dental clinic, including nitrous oxide.

Pediatric Orthodontics

Orthodontics does not just involve braces, but it also includes other devices for rectifying the issues related to the alignment. With such treatment, we will improve the bite of your child.

Your child may also require special devices for habit correction. It is to hamper oral damage because of thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and other bad habits.

Irrespective of the type of dental treatment for the child, our team will make the kid feel comfortable without any kind of fear.

Pediatric dentistry appointment

As per the American dental association, you can start the dental care of your child after the eruption of the first set of teeth. By this, you will be able to prevent future dental problems. You can come with your child every six months at Suyog Dental, Mumbai.

If your child comes for regular dental checkups, the kid will not be subject to cavities or plaque build-up apart from other dental problems.

Treatments :