Teeth Cleaning in Matunga

Teeth Cleaning

As of today, you have many ways to rectify oral health. Every six months, you can come to Suyog Dental to clean your teeth and have a wonderful experience with our expert dentists.

We will clean the teeth in Matunga for you through our adept dental specialists. Our dental expert will identify the plaque and other areas of dental problems. The expert will thoroughly clean your teeth through the process called dental cleaning.

Consistent teeth cleaning

If you go for consistent teeth cleaning at our dental clinic in Mumbai, you will prevent high-cost dental treatments and surgeries in the future. You need to go for routine dental check-ups for proper oral hygiene.

By regular teeth cleaning at our dental clinic in Mumbai, you will have the following benefits:

  • Healthy gums and bones
  • Teeth that will last long
  • Early detection for the future dental and overall health complications
  • A healthy and attractive smile

The absence of teeth cleaning may lead to the following problems:

  • System and nutritional problems
  • Foul breath because of the advanced periodontal ailment
  • Lousy breath because of the rotting of the food particles stuck amid the gaps in the teeth
  • Negative impact on the cardiovascular health
  • Infection of the gums leading to gangrene
  • Negative impact on the overall health

Treatment at Suyog Dental

For teeth cleaning in Matunga, we will also try to know about your dental health goals. We will do a custom treatment for you when it comes to dental cleaning.

Our dental hygienist in Mumbai will do the dental cleaning in the following steps. Some of these are:

  • Before proceeding with the teeth cleaning procedure, our dental hygienist will evaluate your dental and overall medical history.
  • For the comprehensive exam, we will take an X-ray.
  • Teeth exams and oral screening

We will do the screening for the following:

  • Cancer symptoms
  • Symptoms for other ailments like heart ailment and diabetes
  • Examining the teeth for decay

Our dental hygienist will do the gum analysis. We will identify and remove the plaque and tartar.


We will provide tips for aftercare after you undergo dental cleaning in Mumbai. Note that teeth cleaning is not once in a life matter. It s better if you maintain the six monthly visits at our dental clinic to keep the fire burning.

Cost at our clinic

The teeth cleaning cost in Matunga will depend on the overall oral condition at the time of diagnosis.