Root Canal dotted

Root canals happen when a tooth is badly decayed or seriously infected. To protect the tooth, the nerve and its surrounding tooth pulp are removed and the tooth is sealed shut. The interior of the tooth is left virtually impervious to future decay. The tooth’s nerve has only one major purpose: To provide sensations of hot and cold.

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Crown & bridge dotted

Dental crowns and bridges replace missing teeth, or correct damaged teeth, to create a natural, functional smile.Dental Crowns or “caps” as some call them, are custom-made covers for teeth that have had a root canal (leaving very little tooth structure), cracked or weakened teeth or teeth that are so decayed that a regular filling isn’t sufficient.

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Dental-Implant dotted

Have you ever wondered what your smile might look like if that missing tooth wasn’t missing? There are several ways to fill that gap with a “tooth” that looks and feels exactly like your other teeth. An increasingly popular way to restore missing teeth is through dental implants. These are used as an alternative to dentures and bridges.

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teeth-whitening dotted

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. It cannot make a complete colour change. Tooth whitening is a way to improve the colour of your teeth using hydrogen peroxide (a type of bleach). It is safe and effective if carried out by a dentist or under the supervision of a dentist.

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braces treatment dotted

Orthodontics has evolved significantly in recent times. Whilst it was once an option just offered to children, nowadays orthodontics is widely used by adults too. Orthodontics can be used to correct anything from minor cosmetic issues like slightly overlapping teeth to serious overcrowding issues causing pain or difficulty in cleaning.

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cosmetic dentistry dotted

Cosmetic dentistry consists of various professional procedures that concentrate on enhancing the aesthetics of teeth. Some of these techniques also provide restorative benefits such as fixing dental problems.A cosmetic dentist primary job is improving the aesthetics of your smile. This could include treatments, which would make changes to tooth alignment, tooth colour, position, and size.

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Kids Dentistry dotted

You might not be thinking of a visit to the dentist when your toothless infant giggles and smiles at you. But a child’s oral health starts before their first tooth arrives. Our pediatric dentists can monitor your developing child's dental care from their earliest ages.

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Gum Treatment dotted

Keeping your gums healthy is crucial for your overall dental health – along with your jawbones the gums hold teeth firmly in place and protect below-the-gum line tooth surfaces that lack the protective enamel. Gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, is an infection of the gums, caused by a buildup of plaque – a sticky form of bacteria that forms on the teeth. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, but because the condition is often virtually pain free.

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Bad breath dotted

Bad Breath Treatment , also known as halitosis, is probably the most embarrassing dental problem a person can develop. It can adversely affect your connection to other people, which can cause your self-esteem to drop.

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