Root Canal Treatment in Mahim, Mumbai

Root Canal Treatment In Mahim

Are you looking for a root canal treatment in Mahim, Mumbai? You can visit us at Suyog dental care and implant centre to get it done. We have heard many people saying that they got a root canal treatment done. But, do we really know what it is?

Let us get to know in details about a root canal treatment.

Why is a root canal treatment so much sought for nowadays?

Root canal treatment is a clear alternative to extraction. Earlier, a grossly carious tooth was always extracted. Now, with root canal treatment you can save your tooth. It is the only procedure that can save your tooth which is at the verge of extraction. That is the reason it is such a preferred treatment plan nowadays.

As time has advanced, we all became aware of the importance of our teeth. That has led to the ever-increasing popularity of a root canal treatment.

What is a root canal treatment?

As the name suggest, root canal treatment is the treatment of your tooth root. Our tooth has two parts: the crown and the root. The treatment involving the tooth root or more precisely the nerve of the tooth that is present in the root portion, is known as the root canal treatment.

Who can get a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is suggested to anyone whose caries has invaded the tooth nerve and can not be recovered by restoration.

What happens in a root canal treatment?

Our tooth has 3 layers: enamel, dentin and pulp. The pulp consists of the tooth nerve. When the infection is within the enamel or dentin, it can be cured by a restoration. But, once it has invaded the tooth pulp and becomes painful, root canal treatment is the treatment of choice.

In a root canal treatment, the infected tooth pulp is removed by means of instrumentation and then filled up with some biocompatible substance. After that an artificial crown is placed over the RCT treated tooth.

Is a crown necessary after getting a root canal treatment?

Yes, it is very important to get the crown done after root canal treatment. The tooth pulp is the source of nutrition for our tooth. In a root canal treatment, the pulp is completely removed which makes the tooth devoid of the necessary nutrition. Moreover, the instrumentation during a root canal treatment makes the tooth a little brittle. So, a crown is to put on it immediately to make it durable.

What is the cost of root canal treatment in Mahim?

Any treatment cost depends on the condition of the tooth/teeth involved. At Suyog dental care and implant centre you can get your root canal treatment done at a very reasonable and affordable price.

We provide the best quality dental treatment to our patients at a very affordable price.

How long does a root canal treated tooth last?

A root canal treated tooth can last you forever if you maintain proper oral hygiene. Once the treatment is completed, our dentist will let you know how to maintain your root canal treated teeth.

For a root canal treatment in Mahim at an affordable price you can visit us at Suyog dental care at any time. For any further queries you can call us on our helpline number as well.

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