Painless Kids Dental Treatment In Mahim

painless kids dental treatment in mahim

For painless kids dental treatment in Mahim, you can visit us at Suyog dental care and implant centre.

It is a very tough job to convince a kid to get a dental treatment. But unfortunately, they are the ones more prone to getting dental issues. At our clinic we try to keep a very comfortable and friendly environment so that the child feels at home.

Why are children more prone to dental issues?

The main reason children being more prone to dental issues is their food habit. Children tend to prefer sticky food like noodles, chocolates etc. These things stick to the teeth and cause plaque accumulation. These plaque function as medium for bacterial growth. These in turn causes caries formation and in turn toothache.

The next reason is children are very reluctant to brush their teeth properly twice daily. So, it is very important to clean your child’s teeth and gums properly to prevent any sort of dental problems.

What are the most common dental issues faced by kids?

Kids mostly tend to get carious teeth or irregular teeth.

What are the most common treatments needed for kids?

Kids mostly tend to have tooth pain or irregular teeth. In case of tooth pain, the most common reason is a carious tooth. In case of a small caries, it is excavated and filled up by dental sealers and dental cement. If the caries is deeper, pulpectomy is done. If, beyond conservative treatment the tooth is then extracted. In case of irregular teeth, orthodontic treatment is done which includes braces treatment. We, at Suyog dental care and implant centre provide every type of kids dental treatment in Mahim.

So, if your kid is having a toothache, without any second thought you can visit us at Suyog dental care and implant centre.

Is the technique to extract tooth same in case of a kid and an adult?

The technique to extract a tooth is same in case of both kids and adult but the instruments used and the method of anaesthesia is different. In case of adults, mostly local anaesthesia is preferred for minor oral surgical procedures. In case of children sometimes general anaesthesia is preferred so that the child sleeps through the whole procedure and doesn’t feel any kind of discomfort during the procedure.

At our clinic, all our staffs and the doctors are very friendly with kids making it a very suitable environment for them. When a child visits a dental clinic for the first time, he/she is in general very scared. We make sure to give them a pleasant welcome to feel comfortable and thus allow the doctor to perform the procedure properly.

How long does it take to complete kids dental treatments?

The time taken for the treatment depends on the treatment procedure involved. For example: if it is a conservative treatment, it requires 15-20 mins whereas in case of orthodontic treatments it might take months to years to complete the whole procedure.

For any further assistance you can visit us directly at Suyog dental care and implant centre or first book an appointment with us on our helpline number. We are available 24*7 to help our patients.

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