Braces Treatment In Matunga

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We will provide you with the treatment for the dental braces to correct the crowded, crooked teeth or a misaligned jaw or malocclusion. Braces are devices related to the field of orthodontics, and braces treatment is a part of orthodontic treatment.

Generally, braces treatment is for children, but adults also have such a treatment. You can improve oral health or do cosmetic enhancement with the braces treatment. For braces treatment in Matunga, the braces cost will vary based on multiple factors.

Not Much Discomfort

When you think of braces, the image of the metal comes to mind. Another thought that comes is the difficulty of cleaning teeth. But with the advancements in dentistry, you have the easy-to-wear braces, which are noticeable to a lesser extent.

Price will depend on multiple factors, including the type of braces and the quality.

Braces types at Suyog Dental

Early, metal braces were the only option, but drawbacks included the lack of comfort. There needed to be aesthetic appeal with such braces. But now, as of today, you have the multiple options left.

Some of the types of braces are:

Traditional metal braces

In the case of conventional metal braces, you have the metal brackets fixed to each tooth. Brackets link through the elastic O rings.

Through the brackets, the archwire is threaded. It puts pressure on the teeth and the jawline. Our dentist for braces treatment in Matunga will tighten and adjust the archwire periodically.

Because of the tightening of the wire, it will shift the teeth to the desired position. The realignment will take time between one to three years.

Ceramic Braces in Matunga West

Wearing fixed metal braces may make you self-conscious. You have a choice for ceramic braces. In such braces, you will have tooth-coloured wires. Some of the benefits of the ceramic braces are:

  • Less visibility as compared to the traditional metal braces
  • Speedy bite correction as compared to Invisalign
  • Compatibility with the X-ray testing. Such braces will not interfere with the imagery.


  • Like the metal braces, they cause sensitivity to the gums.
  • The time to shift the teeth to the desired position is more.
  • These are prone to staining.
  • Expensive as compared to metallic braces.

Invisalign in Mumbai

Invisalign braces treatment cost in Matunga, Mumbai, will depend on the oral situation. Our dental specialist will conclude the diagnosis.

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