Braces Treatment In Mahim

braces treatment in mahim

You need perfectly aligned teeth. The reason is that properly aligned teeth are a sign of a healthy mouth. By this, you can avoid dental condition risks like periodontal ailment, decay of the tooth and various other problems related to oral care. To align your teeth perfectly, our orthodontist will provide braces treatment in Mahim, Mumbai, after you consult the dental specialist.

Metal braces at Mahim

Metal braces are a good option for teeth alignment. In fact, these are the most familiar when it comes to such a dentistry treatment. With the advancements in dentistry, there have also been amendments in orthodontic designs. As of today, you will find smaller, flatter braces with high comfort levels.

Individuals of different age groups chose metal braces for straight teeth and exotic smiles.

Speedy treatment at Mahim

Our dental clinic uses conventional orthodontic procedures. For the desired results, we follow a distinct approach. For you, we will accomplish the process in less time. The discomfort level will be minimum.

Modern dental techniques

After the mouth analysis, our orthodontist may use a blend of subsonic wave therapy and phototherapy for the braces treatment in Mahim. We will provide distinct bracket designs and the most sophisticated wire technology. But we will use the such treatment after analysing the complexity of the alignment. Some of the benefits of such a treatment are:

  • Fast movement of the teeth
  • Proper stimulation of the blood flow
  • Efficient deposition of bone for more immediate results

Invisible braces at Mahim

Our ortho specialist may do the 3D laser scanning of teeth. We will custom-make Invisalign aligners for you by using 3D imaging technology. Invisalign is a nearly invisible aligner. With such a treatment, your teeth will drift to a projected final position.

Ceramic braces

Ceramic braces differ from metal braces. Structurally, the ceramic braces are the same but differ in the bracket. Although the treatment process is identical, our orthodontist at Mahim Clinic will provide the guidelines for the best results. You will get ceramic braces in multiple colours.

Prime advantages

  • Not noticeable to a greater extent
  • Because of the less visibility, you will not be conscious
  • These are MRI-safe, and you do not have to remove them


Braces treatment costs in Mahim will vary based on the types of braces and also because of the dental condition you have. You can fix an appointment with our orthodontist.

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