Root Canal Treatment in Matunga, Mumbai

Root Canal Treatment In Mahim

Tooth pain can lead to anxiety. You may be worried about the cost and the deep pain during the surgery but know that root canal treatment in the present era does not cause pain. Instead, a successful root canal treatment is the end of pain.

Tooth Pain

Your tooth may have pain, which could indicate an intense dental issue. Now, in this stage, you need the intervention of a dental specialist. With the positive steps by the dental specialist, you can preserve the tooth's functionality in the proper steps.

If your tooth is swollen or sensitive or subject to hurt, it could be because of decay. You can fix it through root canal therapy or RCT.

Signs you may need the RCT:

  • Acute pain

You may have sharp pain when you eat. If you are putting pressure on this particular portion, this could be a sign of infection. If the part of the jaw still hurts even after the release or lessening of the pressure, you may need to see our dental specialist at Matunga.

  • Sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Tooth darkening

Process of RCT[ root canal therapy] at Matunga

Our dental team will ensure you are entirely comfortable with the root canal treatment in Matunga. You will have to be relaxed.

  • We will administer anaesthesia so you do not have discomfort or pain during the procedure.
  • We will put a rubber dam on the tooth in a sterile environment.
  • We will debride the pulp chamber. Our dental surgeon at Matunga will cleanse the decay and the infected tissue.
  • If there is no additional inflamed or infected tissue, we will place gutta-percha and then the temporary filling to close the tooth’s internal structure.
  • We will take the final X-ray.
  • We will schedule the crown appointment. With the crown's help, we ensure the tooth is not infected again.

Second appointment

  • During the first appointment, we may determine that the tooth is heavily infected to seal. In such a situation, we place medication inside the tooth for healing.
  • We will place the rubber dam again. We will re-access the pulp chamber to remove the medication. If there is pepper healing, we will place gutta-percha.
  • Our dental expert at Suyog Dental will place the temporary filling. We will take the final X-ray to confirm the completion correctly. We will schedule the crown placement subsequently.

Cost at Suyog Dental

For the root canal treatment in Matunga, the cost will depend on the level of the oral situation.

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