Bleeding Gum Treatment in Matunga

bleeding gum

You may experience swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums. But you cannot take such an oral condition lightly. It could point towards an oral health concern like a periodontal ailment or oral cancer.

At Suyog Dental Clinic, we make use of advanced technology in modern dentistry apart from multiple treatments to enhance your oral health. We will diagnose the bleeding gums quickly to prevent costly and extensive dental procedures.

Bleeding Gums-the Cause

If you have continual bleeding gums, it could indicate a severe oral problem under the surface. Some of the prime causes are:

  • Imperfect techniques of flossing and brushing
  • Anaemia
  • Oral cancer or leukaemia
  • Some types of medications
  • Hormonal changes because of pregnancy

But the primary cause of gum bleeding is poor oral hygiene because of plaque accumulation. It could also be due to the bacterial infection underneath the gum line. As per the dentist associated with Suyog Dental, if you do not address the harmful bacteria in time, the bleeding gums could progress towards:

  • Swelling of the gums
  • Tenderness of the gums
  • Dental sensitivity
  • The recession of the gums
  • Degeneration of the bone
  • Loss of the tooth

If there is an infection below the gum line, it could lead to the severe health issues like:

  • Heart ailment
  • Diabetes
  • Higher levels of blood pressure
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Stroke
  • Blood cancer

Preventive dentistry at Suyog Dental

For protection against bleeding gums, our expert dental specialist at Matunga will suggest routine dental examinations and dental cleaning. You have the option to visit us biannually. By this, you will improve the health of gums and teeth and prevent bleeding gum treatment in Matunga in the future.

With professional cleaning, we will eliminate the accumulation of plaque. Our dental specialist at Suyog Dental will do the X-ray test. By this, we will trace the undetected concerns not visible to the naked eye.

If we trace the gum disease during diagnosis, we will offer the following treatments:

  • Fluoride treatment

If we detect the problem of enamel demineralisation causing gum bleeding, we will reverse it with the help of fluoride treatment.

  • Dental filling

If severe tooth decay is causing gum bleeding, we will do the dental filling to revive the tooth's structural integrity.

  • Scaling and root planing

If the gums are bleeding because of tartar, our oral specialist will do the deep cleaning through scaling and root planing.

Post-treatment medications

After the root planing treatment and scaling, our oral expert will provide you with a medicated mouthwash or an antibiotic.

Periodontal surgery at Matunga

If we identify the damaged tissue as the cause of gum bleeding, we will eliminate the damaged tissue to generate a healthy gum line. It will be part of the bleeding gum treatment in Matunga.

Treatments :