Dental Crown Treatment in West Matunga

Crown & bridge

A dental crown is also referred to as a porcelain crown, tooth crown, ceramic crown or crown implant. Our dental technician at Suyog Dental will fabricate the dental crown in the laboratory by the lab setting. Some of the prime materials used for the dental crown are:

  • God
  • Ceramic
  • Metal alloys
  • Porcelain
  • porcelain fused to metal

Licensed Dentist at Matunga Clinic

For placing the crown at our dental clinic in Mumbai, we have licensed dental specialists associated with us. They have practical skills for this procedure.

At the time of the preparation, our dental expert at Suyog Dental will remove a portion of the tooth structure. By doing this, we will accommodate the dental crown. While preparing for the dental crown, we will also remove the compromised tooth structure.

The compromised tooth structure will include cracks or decay. You can have an appointment with our oral specialist for the dental crown treatment in West Matunga.

Porcelain Crown at Suyog Dental

At our dental clinic, we use 3D scanners. Our dental expert will make use of the digital wand. With all these technological facilities available for dentistry, the impression time will become less.

For the porcelain crown, we will do the treatment in two visits. Such a treatment resembles ceramic Inlay and Onlay. You will have a pleasant experience.

After completing the preparation, we will insert the temporary crowns. These will be operational till cementing of the permanent crown.

Porcelain crowns-when?

Currently, you have many replacement options for restoring missing or damaged teeth. Understanding the perfect treatment for a particular dental damage will be better. You may need a porcelain crown for some of the following reasons:

  • If you require root canal treatment or have undergone the root canal treatment, we will reconstruct your tooth with the help of the porcelain crown. After the root canal treatment, your tooth will become brittle, and the biting pressure may break it. So, we will restore it with the crown.
  • Your tooth is broken to a higher degree. We will place the porcelain crown over the broken tooth in such a situation. The porcelain Onlay will obtain retention for the long-term result.
  • If there is a requirement to replace the old crown because of decay, fracture or specific cosmetic reasons, we will replace the old crown with the new one.

Types of dental crowns:

  • All ceramic crowns
  • Zirconia crowns
  • Porcelain fused with metal
  • Gold crowns

Gold crowns are high-resistance crowns with a general preference for back teeth.

Cost at Suyog Dental

The price for dental crown treatment in Matunga West will depend on the oral condition and the type of crown.

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