Full mouth Rehabitation In Mahim Mumbai

Full mouth Rehabitation

A full mouth rehabilitation is a serial treatment procedure in which whatever dental problem you have is looked into and is cured, thus giving you a perfect healthy teeth and gums. It is a planned procedure to restore oral health.


Dental conditions that require a full mouth rehabilitation includes :

1. Several Decayed teeth

2. Multiple Missing teeth

3. Damaged teeth due to any injury

4. Misaligned teeth

5. Traumatic injury

6. Deep bite

7. Irregular teeth

In this process of a full mouth rehabilitation, we make a replica of the tooth structures that have been lost due to any underlying factors such as old age, caries or maybe some underlying medical conditions. A full mouth rehabilitation includes procedures like crown and bridges, veneers, root canal treatments, gum surgeries and orthodontic treatments.


When the patient comes to our clinic, we first examine their oral cavity. Depending on the condition, we then suggest all the procedures necessary to restore a healthy oral cavity. Accordingly, we then plan and schedule the appointments, ultimately delivering perfect healthy teeth and gums.


So, if you are having any dental problems and you are not sure what all treatments you may need, then visit us at Suyog Dental clinic. We have a solution to all your dental problems.

Treatments :