Dentist Appointment? Here What you Should do & Avoid

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Now is the time of year when you must schedule a routine dental checkup with your dentist. Alternatively, if you have a dental appointment in a couple of days and would like to be prepared. We have put together a list of do's and don'ts to help you prepare for your treatment ahead of time.

1) Stock up on food to have after your dental treatment.

In most cases, your dental surgeon will recommend that you modify your diet for a couple of days. Depending on the treatment administered, you will be given specific instructions. In fact, you can request your dentist to give you post-treatment instructions before your appointment so you can prepare in advance and avoid rushing to the grocery store at the last minute.

2) Eat before your appointment.

Before your dental appointment, it is better to have a light meal. You can eat whatever you like. Foods that are rich in macronutrients are a better choice. Eating an hour before your appointment has many benefits. When having dental work done, you may need anesthesia which will numb specific areas of your mouth, teeth, and tongue for a few hours. Eating under the effect of anesthesia increases the risk of tongue or lip bites, which can result in painful ulcers. If you have a longer appointment, you might feel hungry mid-treatment. Eating before your dental treatment also reduces your anxiety and prevents you from feeling lightheaded before your treatment.

3) Be early

Dental clinics have their day’s schedule planned well in advance. If you arrive late for your appointment, you may disrupt their routine. It is best to arrive 10-15 minutes early for your dental appointment. In addition, rushing to the dentist last minute leaves you feeling anxious. Also, being early gives you sufficient time to ask questions and clear doubts with your dentist, if any.

4) No Alcohol

Do not consume alcohol the night before your dental visit. Alcohol affects the potency of dental anesthesia, making them less effective in managing pain.

5) Carry your current medical records

If it is your first time visiting a dentist, it is better to carry your medical records and current medication. This added information helps the dentist to understand your overall health better and make the necessary changes and modifications to your treatment plan.

6) Wear comfortable clothes

A dental visit can last from somewhere between 30-60mins. On rare occasions, it may get extended beyond that. Wearing clothes in which you are comfortable and relaxed adds to a better dental experience.

Keeping in mind these simple points and following them will help you have a better dental experience. For more such information, contact our experts.